Do you struggle with what to say when you want to share the gospel?

Many Christians struggle with what they’re supposed to say–and how to say it–when they share the gospel. Their heart is in the right place. They want their friend or coworker to find salvation in Christ, but they just don’t know what to say or how to say it. Enter this short ebook, a guide designed to help you better understand the “pieces” of God’s gospel Story so that you can confidently and effectively share it in any situation.

For years, pastor and author Jeremy Bouma has thought about how we share the gospel and what it means to tell and retell and tell again God’s magic, revolutionary Story of Rescue. In his debut book, the (un)offensive gospel of Jesus, Jeremy set out to sketch a fresh portrait of good Jesus and His hopeful Story of Rescue. Now the heart of that storytelling portrait is available in an ebook you can use to help better understand what to say when you want to share the gospel.

This book isn’t another gospel sharing method or a step-by-step guide to sharing the gospel. There are good books for that if that’s what you need, but this book is not those books. Instead, this book is about knowing and understanding the Story we are called to share. Before we can tell the gospel Story we need to know the Story. That’s what this guide does. It helps you better understand each of the four acts of God’s Story so you can share that magical, revolutionary gospel with your friends and neighbors and family and coworkers.

Now, more than ever, we need people who are passionate about sharing the full gospel Story and feel confident and prepared to know what to say when they are called to say it. The four chapters and appendix in this guide from the (un)offensive gospel of Jesus will help you do just that.


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